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 Studio Policy 

Tuition Payments

  • Lessons are billed in advance and monthly tuition will be due on the first lesson of each month. Tuition is the same every month whether there are four or five lessons in the month. Four weeks will be omitted from the schedule, accommodating a total of 48 lessons a year.

  • If tuition is not paid by the 10th of the month, a late fee of $25 dollars will be applied to tuition payment.

  • Forms of payment include: check, online banking transfer or cash. Returned checks will be subject to a $35 fee, which will be applied to the following month’s tuition.

  • The teacher must be given one month’s notice if the student decides to discontinue lessons. Lesson will not be refunded if a student decides to discontinue before the end of the tuition cycle.

Group Classes & Recitals

  • Group classes are offered throughout the year and are included in the tuition rates. *Group class is currently not offered but we hope to restart in 2023. 

  • We offer two recitals annually. All students in our studio are required to participate in the recitals.

Books & Materials

  • The teacher will provide all books or music materials. The payment for the amount of the music material or books must be paid by the following lesson.

Make up Lessons

  • Make up lessons will be offered virtually unless a time in the studio is avaialble.

  • Make up lessons will be offered provided that the teacher has been notified by 8pm the previous day. If a student does not show on the day of the lesson or if notification is given on the day of the lesson, the lesson will NOT be made up. Absences due to family emergencies or severe medical reasons will be made up. If absences become a recurring issue, the teacher reserves the right to disallow any further makeups.

  • We allow six makeups per calendar year. Any following absences will not be made up.

  • Make up lessons should be done within the month from the initial absence. The teacher is not responsible for notifying you when the month has passed; therefore, the parents are responsible for scheduling a make up accordingly.

  • Once a makeup lesson is scheduled, rescheduling to a different time or day will not be allowed.

  • Any absences or cancellations of a lesson from the teacher will be made up or the money will be refunded.


Media Consent

  • Pictures, recordings and videos of our students may be posted on our studio website or included in studio publications with no names attached. Any images, recordings or videos posted will not personally identify a child.



  • Practicing the piano is not an option but a necessity. Students are expected to practice EVERYDAY for the duration recommended by the teacher.

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